Advisory Committees

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The Greenway Commission formally approved the formation of Advisory Committees in March 2008. 

The main goals of the advisory committees are as follows:

  1. Garner widespread support of the Greenway;
  2. Provide forum for connecting key people in communities to better the Greenway project;
  3. Coordination of timing of events least likely to conflict with other community activities;
  4. Better utilize the assets and organizations accessible to this project;
  5. Focus on the assets of each commission member.

Each advisory committee makes recommendations to the Commission for consideration.  The advisory committees represent open forums for communicating ideas for the progress of the Ohio River Greenway.  All formal decisions are made by the Ohio River Greenway Development Commission.

Current Members and Tasks of the Advisory Committees

Steering Committee
Tasks - Design the agenda for Commission meetings, collect information to be presented to full Commission, and any other issues not falling under other advisory committees.
Members - Phil Hendershot, David Boome, Pat Leist-Stumler, Jim McCoskey            

Finance and Funding Committee
Tasks - Pursue sources of funding and revenue for the Greenway.
Members - Mayor Mike Moore/Kelly Reed by proxy, Mayor Jeff Gahan/Scott Wood by proxy, Town Council President Bob Polston/Brian Kaluzny or Brittany Montgomery by proxy
and Philip Hendershot.

Design and Construction Committee

Tasks - Review detailed project information related to design and construction such as wayfinding signage, project features, archeological studies, etc. 
Members - Mayor Mike Moore/Kelly Reed or Shane Corbin by proxy, Mayor Jeff Gahan/Scott Wood by proxy, Town Council President Bob Polston or Brian Kaluzny by proxy
, Philip Hendershot and David Boome.

Friends of the Ohio River Greenway (FOG)
Purpose - The Friends of the Ohio River Greenway exists to support the Ohio River Greenway.  The nonprofit group consists of local volunteers who seek to increase public and private awareness of, and support for, the Greenway through advocacy, educational outreach, social networking and fundraising.

Members: Matt Gullo, Amy Williams, Keith Baumann, Cary Stemle, Ben Sapp, Nick Creevy and Sharon Handy

Proposed Monuments and Memorials Policy

Click link above to view the proposed Monuments and Memorials Policy as recommended by the Ohio River Greenway Commission to each community.  Once each community adopts/ratifies a policy The Ohio River Greenway Commission will place an application for submissions on this website.


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